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#1 CARGO BIKES for the Last Mile Delivery


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Cargo bikes

Check the range of our last mile cargo bike solutions

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Check out the range of the Europe's #1 pedicabs and rickshaws.


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About us

About us

Europe's #1 manufacturer for Cargo Bikes, Pedicabs and Rickshaws

Welcome to the official website of Maxpro CNC – a manufacturer of the most innovative and stylish-looking tricycle pedicabsrickshaws, cargo tricycles and cargo bikes. With experience in engineering of the industrial design and an interest in eco-friendly and innovative forms of transport we created the range of ultimate tricycles. The range includes cargo bikes, pedicabs, rickshaws as well as many other custom designed industrial vehicles.

Our Story

The story of Maxpro began in 2004 in London, UK where we made the first pedicab Maxpro G6 designed exclusively for London Pedicabs.

2006 we released the first lot of Maxpro EcoTaxi's. The proven and tested design is still in production and it's currently the best performing pedicab in Europe being riders and operator most favourable pedicab.

10 years on... we have gained a reputation of no.1 pedicab manufacturer in Europe and the World!

2016 we have bulit a new dedicated production facility in Walbrzych, Poland.


Workshop Industry 4.0

Full production control



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