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welcome to our workshop 

If you are interested to see how we built our trikes then feel free to watch the workshop tour video below

Welcome to our digital  INDUSTRY 4.0 PRODUCTION SHOP




In 2016 Maxpro has moved into it’s new digital industry 4.0 production facility equipped with the latest technology machinery and production software. In 2020 we have extended our workshop shopfloor and build a hall decicated only to cargo bike production and assembly.

Introduced in 2018 robotic welding cell gives our new facility capacity to produce frames in large quantities and highest accuracy and repeatability. All our frames are build by us in our workshop with both manual and robotic welding.


At Maxpro we run our own research and development department with our cad / cam solutions all our design are produced with the latest industry 4.0 standards.



The new production facility allows us to control 95% of all processes in house including cutting, milling, turning and welding.
We have a qualified team of engineers using latest technology design software such as Solidworks, Autodesk and EdgeCam which allows us to design and create parts and components on demand.

Our ability to design and build all parts in house allows us to have a full control over the production process. With the use of the advanced technologies such as 5 axis milling and turning with mill option and sub spindles we can build most complex components. 

Our warehousing facility stores all parts on the shelves and with the ERP system in place we can fullfill all stock levels on demand.

Maxpro is currently #1 cargo bike supplier that controls production in such level with a quick and responsive reaction to our customers needs. 


This gives us ability to tackle and deal with the most difficult bespoke projects. Got any ideas? Feel free to contact us and discuss 

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Get the insides of how we set up our production. Maxpro it's all about serious assembly and real manufacturing, making sure you get a product that will supoort you and your business for years

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