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Maxpro EcoPromo  #1 outdoor marketing tool in Europe


EcoPromo is a promotional vehicle designed for marketing purposes. With its truly outstanding design, it’s a real eye-catcher and have been successfully used in variety of  promotional campaigns in London and other UK and European cities. The vehicle is also light (75 kg, including the weight of big advertising boards), easy to manouvre, smooth to ride, and  easy to to maintain.

The main chassis is compatible with bodies of other Maxpro-made pedicabs (EcoTaxi and EcoCargo) and can be easily changed. The main advantage of the EcoPromo is the use of a standard size ''4 Sheet'' advertising poster with dimensions of 40*60. Standard advertising posters are relatively cheap, helping you make even a short duration and low cost campaign successful and profitable


Dimensions and weight:

Vehicle weight : Approx 85kg

Max payload: 3 passangers + rider 

Length: 2500 mm

Width: 1200 mm (39.4'')

Height: 1800 mm (78.5'')

Electric ASSIST:

Motor: Maxpro RevoDrive 250 W or Heinzmann Cargo

Battery: 1400 Wh quick interchange

Levels of assist: Pedal assist with 5 levels

Throttle support: YES optional

Range: 40 -100 km on one charge

Battery swop time: approx 30 - 50 seconds

Battery lock: YES


Transmission: Rear differential, both rear wheels drive

Gears: 16 gears SRAM X5 and Shimano Alvio

Brakes front: Mechanical Tektro & Magura with parking brake

Brakes rear: Hydraulic Big Magura Twin

Wheels: 23'' x 1.4 Heavy duty with motorcycle 10G spokes

Tyres: Heavy duty 23'' x 2.25

Lights: LED basic

Front suspension: Yes optional



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